Good Samaritan Fund for ICU

About the Good Samaritan Fund for ICU (goodsam4ICU)

This emergency fund was created to provide immediate financial support to current ICU students whose livelihood is being endangered due to the impact of the New Corona Virus infection. This type of fund would typically require a strict screening process to make sure that you are actually in financial need to receive the fund. However, doing so would inevitably delay the payment process for those who are in desperate need right now. So, we are eliminating the need to "prove" that you are in acute need, and the fund will be delivered with no strings attached on a first-come, first-served basis. We will also not conduct an ex-post check on how you spent the fund. All you have to do is to sign up when the online form will be uploaded on this website in a few days (see the How to Apply section below for details). 

With no strings attached, there is a possibility that someone not in “immediate” and “acute” need may apply. The initial plan, therefore, was to have the recipient agree to having his/her name disclosed on our website. After much thought, we decided to eliminate this requirement since the students who really need the fund may hesitate to apply as a result of such a stipulation. We ask ICU students to cooperate with us in making sure that only those who are in desperate need receive the goodwill the donor had in mind. In other words, please think twice before applying.

We will send the recipient ¥100,000 via bank transfer. Payment will be made as soon as possible, hopefully within two or three weeks after application (for those who choose a foreign bank, the transfer may take longer). There is an unconfirmed plan that the university is also thinking of providing some sort of support for ICU students in need which will be executed sometime this fall. Those receiving the Good Samaritan Fund for ICU will be able to receive funding from other sources, including the unconfirmed support by ICU this fall.

The name of this emergency fund comes from the biblical parable of the Good Samaritan. As you may know, ICU was established by generous contributions from many individuals right after the end of WWII. The first contribution came from Sunday church-goers in the U.S.A., who donated small amounts on an individual basis. We want to continue this tradition of generosity at this time of crisis. 

For your information, this project is based on a private fund, and is completely independent of International Christian University.

How to Apply

The application will start at 9:00 pm (Japan time) on Friday, May 15 on this website. The sign-up form that will be uploaded on this website (after 9:00 pm) will provide details on how to receive the Good Samaritan Fund for ICU. 


You must be a current ICU student to apply (please use your ICU email address to complete your  application). We will also ask you to provide your bank account information. The personal information you provide will be managed in accordance with the Personal Information Protection Act. It will not be made public nor be used for any purpose other than sending the money to you from the Good Samaritan Fund for ICU. As mentioned above, if you choose to use a foreign bank account, instead of a Japanese bank account, please note that you may face delays (and other complications).

Since the number of students we can support is limited, application will close as soon as the fund is exhausted. This website will close once we confirm that all receipts are accounted for. If you have any questions, please send them to the email address that you will receive when you apply.

Lastly, for those who may be wondering who "we" are, we are ICU alumni working as volunteers on behalf of the anonymous donor. 

Good Samaritan Fund for ICU Project volunteer: Hirotaka Takeuchi (the 13th graduating class of ICU)and other staff members

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